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<3<3<3Wish Me Luck<3<3<3

So yesterday, my day went normally.
I woke up, and went to bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower etc etc.
I walked downstairs, made my breakfast and went online.
I stopped talking to Michelle and went into the living room.
My dad had bought me kerrang, i opened it, reading it.


"shsdfjhsjhgjhdfgvjhbajrgbvfhjnbwyergfhjgbwe" were the only sounds yew could hear from me.

Yes, in one competition, it said 'Win a Billy Martin signature guitar'

So what have i done since yesterday?

1. I sent 14 emails away all from different email address
2. My friend Leroy said theyd catch me if i done that
3. I got 40 friends to enter for me and if they won, theyd give me the guitar

Wish me luck, im just about to put them in the letter box!!!
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