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Two Sleeps Till That Dreaded Holiday...


But... ¬¬

Im so angry. So so angry.

I was going to see MCR... but OH NO.. cousin has prelims, cant take me.

Sam's parents dont approve of their 'dark lyrics' , cant go with me.

Dad's doing exams, can't take me.

None of my friends like MCR... nobody can go with me.

So here I am, allowed to go to one of the most amazing concerts of my life and there's nobody to go with.. because my mummy says I need an adult to go with me.

¬¬ When I grow up (haha, cheesy line) I'm going to all concerts there are, out there.

IM SO ANGRY! THIS IS MY CHEM, HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to tell Gerard he was lord of the dance... :[

Does anyone know if they'll be planning another tour date? Because I'm almost positive that that arranged like, three tour dates in the UK before.

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